Mikado Bicycle Stands©


By choosing Mikado Bicycle Stands, you select a sculpture but at the same time a functional solution


Function and aesthetics are combined. Mikado is both a bike stand and a sculpture


Mikado Bicycle Stands are placed flexibly on all surfaces, alone or in sculptural groups. Mikado Bicycle Stands do not create barriers, they they take up no space and they move the bikes away from facades and windows


The bicycles can be locked to the fixed rings or wires and are therefore secured against simple theft. This solution is recommended by many insurance companies


There are no broken tires and overturned bikes when the bikes are locked to the Mikado


The design is simple and maintenance free


Mikado Bicycle Stands can be used for business, public spaces and housing


Also use Mikado for name, house number, advertisement of the home company or for a completely different message

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