Frisbii 3×9®


Frisbii shelters are unique in their design. Ovale shelters for bicycles, cars, bus-/trainpassengers, trolleys and smokers
The roof is acrylic, can be reinforced by metal. Frisbii shelters are resistant towards large impacts


A large program in acrylic colours makes every shelter unique, giving an extra dimension seen from above, and in sunshine a coloured spot will move across the terrain


Frisbii shelters are also available with solar cells or green roof – both sustainable solutions for the future


Bicyclestands, light and drainage can be integrated


See the Danish projects:


Billund Midt, Innovation House

International School if Billund

Maglehøj i Frederiksværk

Product information



  • Lacquered in RAL-colours
  • Electroplated


Other materials on order



  • 2×3 m
  • 3×6 m
  • 3×9 m



  • Clear acrylic is standard



  • A wide colour program
  • Reinforcement with expanded metal
  • Solar cells
  • Green roof


Other materials on order



Frisbii is delivered including mounting (Northern Europe). Access after specifications.